New Definition to the Term, “Pot Head”.

This is my son.

My son who gets himself into more sticky situations than I ever though humanly possible. He reminds me so much of myself. The poor thing really just can’t help it, he comes by it honestly. I am probably the least graceful human being on earth- second only to him. This was just a plain jane Tuesday night. My husband and I were lounging in the living room watching our boy put on a show, as 3 year olds often do. I was recording because at this stage in life, this child says or does something every 7 seconds that cracks me up.

Check out the hilarity that insued:

“He’s not a pot head anymore!”, my husband giggled out at the end of the video. I didn’t even hear that little snippet until I went back after the chaos died down and watched it again.

Yes, I am a God fearing, tea drinking, southern raised mama who always has a healthy stockpile of butter in the fridge. In this case, it worked out beneficially for me. Judge me, or laugh. Either way, I’m laughing.

My son may be hell-bent on his refusal to actually sit on his potty chair, but I bet he won’t try that again, my little pot head.



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  1. This is very funny!! Sounds like everyday life at my house!!

    1. theundonemama says: Reply

      Motherhood sure is a crazy, wonderful wild ride! 😘

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