How to go Viral and What I’ve Learned From it.

There are a few things that came as an unexpected surprise this week. I’ve had a couple of sweet little blogs take off in the past- but this week it was a video of my 3 year old son getting a toilet seat stuck on his head. Here, I’ll show you (turn down your volume a bit if needed, full disclosure that he was scared and loud):

Okay. Funny? Right? Or not. Maybe you’re one of the people who think that I’m a bad parent because of it.

Maybe you think that my 3 year old child is stupid because of it, or a brat because he was scared and vocal about it.

Maybe you think my husband is a lazy loser because he stayed on the couch holding my camera, (which is exactly what I asked him to do, by the way).

Maybe you think I’m unfit to be a parent because I let him put it on his head. I for one, believe in allowing kids to make their own mistakes (within reason), and I knew that he was safe. He learned a lesson, we all got a laugh. It’s fine. I’m totally okay with the entire video and what happened, there’s not a thing that I would have done differently.

For every negative comment there has been dozens of beautiful comments like this and many more:

Even still, if you have funny videos that you’re going to try and make go viral, you need to be prepared for the haters. I would have NEVER guessed that I was going to wake up to the slandering that happened over night. Luckily for me, I have really thick skin, and I can see that there were more people who found it funny or relatable, than people who hated it. If you’re concerned about being under the microscope of millions of keyboard warriors, there are dozens of categories you can upload, and it doesn’t have to be something as personal as your personal life by any means.

As a bonus, I didn’t just share this video on my Facebook and watch these big platforms make money off of my content. Every time you see one of them sharing it I’m getting paid, or rather, my 3 year old Hayden is getting paid. Can you say comic relief from the haters?

So far in the last couple of days he’s racked up several hundred dollars, some of which will go to his birthday next month, and the rest of which will go into his college savings. Essentially, these naysayers are paying for at least a couple of classes and books.

Additionally, I’m gaining followers to continue producing with my writing and blogging- which means more income for our little family aside from the simple little video. There is theory in the madness.

So, if you can roll with the punches I’ll continue onto how I did it:

I simply uploaded it to YouTube. I woke up the next morning to a scout commenting and saying that it had potential to earn income, and that his company would like to market for me. I emailed him back and started learning about Newsflare.

They’re a UK based company that finds content, offers to market it for you, and handles the legal side of licensing. They generate income and split the profit with you 50/50. I literally did nothing other than submit it to them at zero cost, and within a couple of days I had multiple deposits to my PayPal account from them. Here’s a screenshot of the confirmations that started rolling in:

So, yes, I’m sharing the profit, but I don’t have to worry about the marketing side, or the legality of it all, although Newsflare allows me to retain ownership of my video and I am free to market it on my own if I please. Additionally, they protect my video from unauthorized platforms sharing it.

If you don’t quite understand how large platforms generate income from sharing a video, here’s the gist of it. A video is shared that is likely to be shared by others, and each time that page gathers a new follower, or someone visits their website and scrolls past an ad, they get paid. It’s that simple. They need our content to make their money, and that’s why they’re willing to pay for it. Additionally, many of the purchasers are willing to credit you properly, which means that if you’re a blogger like me, you can grow your following just by getting your name tagged by one of the sharers.

By the way, you aren’t limited to submitting videos of your kids. You can literally submit just about anything from wildlife, car crashes, bloopers, the list goes on. It’s technically open for pretty much anything that you caught on camera that has potential to be shared by the masses. So, if you don’t want to share something as personal as your own family, that’s okay!

I’m going to include an affiliate link where you can upload your own content and hopefully (fingers crossed), generate income from it. All you have to do is click my link and follow the simple steps to start uploading. If one of your videos sells, you get a 10£ bonus, and I get a 10£ bonus for referring you. If you’re in the US like me, PayPal will convert that for you, which by the way comes out to just under $13.50. That’s on top of what the purchaser pays to license your video- which for me has ranged from 50-250 dollars a pop. The Facebook shares will be rounded up in 60-90 days. I’m not exactly sure how much I’ll be making from that, but I would imagine that it can’t be bad when we’re going on 3 million hits at a rapid pace.

Have a funny/cool moment in your camera roll? Get to sharing! You could have money in your PayPal account within 24 hours like I did. Click here 👇🏼

So there you have it. Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck with your videos!

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