Get You A Husband.


Our entire wedding day went wrong. One of my favorite pictures though, is not the perfect shot that every little girl dreams of- but it’s a picture of me ugly-face laughing, with my husband tilting his head towards the floor giggling. He wasn’t laughing at the happening as much as he was laughing with ME.

We laughed through the whole wedding, even through all of the mishaps- which is an entire post in itself and one i’ll have to get to later. Laughing when things go wrong is something so important to me, because I’d much rather laugh than cry. Honestly i’ve never been a cryer anyway, I laugh at the most inappropriate of times, and I needed someone who could handle that well. He nails it every time.

For example, our unity sand was completely stuck together and wouldn’t pour. I lost it, slapping my hand on the back of the glass vase and cackling until I couldn’t breathe. My husband laughed at me, and all of our guests laughed at him. It was absurd, and hilarious, and hopefully not a bad sign for our marriage. We do get into sticky situations quite often, but at least we have moments like this.



It’s a still shot of something that happens almost daily between us, one of my most favorite medicines for when shit hits the fan. So girls, get you a husband who laughs.

“Get you a husband who laughs with you.” This was the first small thing on my checklist under the big things (well big to me anyway), God fearing, hardworking, and loyal to the core. I could go on and bore you to death, but those were my top things. One of the most important qualities on my list was “a husband who will laugh with me.”. Over the years we have laughed a lot, sometimes too much. Most of all, we have laughed at points in our lives that I should have been crying. Terrifying life turns, scary changes, horrible jokes, the list goes on.. we just laugh.

When we first moved in together, we laughed when we were sitting in the living room sharing a romantic bowl of ramen noodles and the electricity shut off, because we were broke, but damn it we were in it together. We laughed out of excitement and terror in our one bedroom apartment when we realized we were pregnant. We laughed through the struggles as we climbed our way out of that apartment into an old, but larger 2 bedroom house. Then we laughed even harder when he got the promotion that he had worked his tail off and we so desperately needed. We laughed at everything. Even the things we cried about, we wound up laughing over. A simple key in marriage is that laughter brings joy, and constant joy = unwavering love.

Get you a husband who laughs with you when you lock yourself out of the car an hour away from home for the 3rd time this year.

Get you a husband who laughs and shakes his head when he comes home from work to find that you’ve rescued a mangy cat, knowing good and well that neither of you are cat people, and then laughs even harder when you both agree that it was a terrible idea and you remind him that picking you means accepting all of your stray animals and humans for the next 50 years.


Get you a husband who laughs when you announce that you’re leaving for a week to go into the flood zone with a rescue team because God is calling you to go- (and then prays over you while you’re gone even though it’s probably the LAST place on earth he wants you to be). He handled this like a complete boss by the way. I LOVE that he puts no restrictions on me and the things that God calls me to do.

If you love dancing, get you a husband who laughs at your terrible dance moves, but dances with you anyway. If he regularly grabs you up in the kitchen for a slow dance, bonus points. If you don’t enjoy dancing, you probably just need to let loose and try it sometime.


Get you a husband who laughs when you fall down, but pulls you right back up- in all of life’s adventures.

If you haven’t found that person yet- don’t settle for anything less than the man of your dreams. He doesn’t have to be perfect, but he does have to hold the key to the things your soul needs to be free.  If you haven’t found him yet, it’s okay. Never settle for less than anything that sets your soul on fire while holding the keys to your contentment.

Get you a husband who loves you fiercely.


Wedding photo credit: Bay Productions

7 Replies to “Get You A Husband.”

  1. Aunt Shelia says: Reply

    I’m still waiting for mine!!! Just wish he would come soon, times a wasting & going by fast. Lol!! Love the 2 of u together. U are the perfect pair.

    1. theundonemama says: Reply

      You’ve got to get out there and live! I met Adam through online dating, you should try it! ☺️

  2. Your love opens my heart. Thank you! May you both have many many years of laughter and joy!

    1. theundonemama says: Reply

      I sure hope so, God and the husband he sent for me are the only stability I’ve ever known. So thankful!

  3. Cyndi Bracy says: Reply

    That’s one of the things I cherish about Steve is he makes me laugh every day! Love that Adam does that for you. It sure lightens the load.

    1. theundonemama says: Reply

      It’s pretty important!❤️

  4. Angel says: Reply

    ❤️ love y’all! And I agree laughter is the best way to make it through marriage! Your dad has me laughing everyday, love him.

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