Time Does Not Heal All Wounds.

The absurd claim that time heals ALL wounds suggests that if we just hang on and wait, the suffering will magically disappear. What kind of nonsense is that? Of course, you can fill your time with distractions until the immediate emotion related to your pain subsides. You can drink until you can’t think anymore. You […]

The Silence Of The Lambs

It took me a long time to break my silence. A full decade in fact. A decade of nurturing myself from a scared and angry child, into a weathered woman. A self taught, self sufficient, mature woman who grew a spine, and learned how to break the silence and secrets I kept for so many […]

The Black Sheep

Last year I freed myself from a lot of things that have held me down all of my adult life. I had a lot of daunting ghosts in the corners of my mind telling me that I needed to do this, or be that in order to be acceptable for others.. and never quite feeling […]

Know your worth.

Let’s say you got away from the toxic person in your life, but that you haven’t gotten their imprint out of your mind yet. Here’s the thing- in the past, I have started and stopped ten too many endeavors because of a lack of faith in myself. Any time I did convince myself to dip […]

Stop self-sabotaging

Anyone else with me? Let’s have a real talk about self worth. Potential colleges willing to sign me on for a softball scholarship? No thanks. I had great excuses. It was too cold in Kansas. It was too far from the nothing I was clinging to. It was a commitment. What even was a commitment? […]

For The Love of The Game

Often, when little girls are subject to the abuse of a narcissistic mother, they grow up and become reluctant to have children of their own. This was never the case for me. In fact, I ached for the day that I could have a do-over with a family of my own. I never had the […]

Get You A Husband.

  Our entire wedding day went wrong. One of my favorite pictures though, is not the perfect shot that every little girl dreams of- but it’s a picture of me ugly-face laughing, with my husband tilting his head towards the floor giggling. He wasn’t laughing at the happening as much as he was laughing with […]


Let’s just pretend for a moment that I’m long gone, and even my own children’s graves have been filled long enough that wild bluebonnets have crept over where they rest. The house that my husband and I will build ten years from now will be uninhabited, and things would be just as we left them- […]